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Our Philosophy

Why the name Congruence?

We think that two aspects of our existence are very important; first our connection with our outer worlds or environment, and second our connection with our inner self.


Inner self means how we feel about ourselves as well as our emotions. If we can balance the demands placed on us by our outer surroundings, with no added effort or stress, and flow well through it, this creates a sense of inner harmony.


If lack of balance, or imbalance, makes you guarded when walking your dog, then your inner mind feels disharmonized due to the fear of falling. Similarly, if bradykinesia stops you from doing things in the house then your inner self feels deranged.


Our goal is to help you perform well and be able to meet external demands with improved functional abilities which in turn will create an inner sense of accomplishment. Congruence indicates the act of bringing in unison the mental and physical states of a being which help flourish the quality of everyday life, whether you struggle with Parkinson's, Vertigo, dizziness or balance issues.

Our Philosophy


The foundation of our practice is built on Self-Efficacy. The famous social cognitive psychologist Albert Bandura defined Self-Efficacy as, The belief in one’s capabilities to organize and execute the courses of action required to manage prospective situations.” 

We put self-efficacy into action by using the following sources:

Mastery experiences: 


We strive to ensure that each person goes through extensive learning of tasks meaningful to them to build mastery experiences to generate self belief. 

Vicarious experiences:


Our emotions are important. We feel happy when we are around happy people.We work on vicarious experiences to help you realize that you have the ability to change. When you surround yourself with motivated people it will trigger the fact that you do have what it takes for someone to grow or work hard. 

Verbal persuasion:


Who said you are all alone fighting through Parkinson’s. We coach you and support you through this journey. We persuade you to think about possibilities and push your limits.


Emotional & Physiological States:


We aim to nurture your mind, uplift it and strive for your overall well being. We work on improving abilities through action and positive through thoughts. If you can change your brain you can change your life. 

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