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Rupali is the best! She is always encouraging and engaging. She provides individualized instructions and options geared to each person’s capabilities. She shares her extensive knowledge of physiology and PD symptoms, explaining each movement in every unique session.

 - Larry M.

I feel fortunate that Rupali Vyas, a physical therapist trained in PWR Moves by PWR4LIFE.ORG, offers a group class that I have attended for the past two years. I know that exercise is the best “medicine “ to address my Parkinson’s. Rupali motivates each participant to do his or her best. PWR exercises specific for Parkinson’s are combined with cognitive challenges. Rupali makes adaptations for each participant’s particular need. I enjoy and look forward to the classes- not only to improve my physical strength, but the time I spend with Rupali and my fellow PwPs is invaluable.

 - Terry L. 

Poor balance, shortened reach, and slow movement are typical motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.   PD can also lead to cognitive issues such as reduced ability to multi-task and difficulty with short-term memory.  Rupali addresses all of these symptoms, and more, with a “Power-Up” class that incorporates cardio-fitness and big movement drills.  Always cheerful and encouraging, Rupali has put together a program that I would recommend to everyone (either with or without PD).

 - Bob B.

Congruence Physical Therapy & Wellness - helping individuals struggling with Parkinson's, Vertigo, dizziness and imbalance.

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