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We exclusively serve individuals with Parkinson's Disease, Inner ear related issues and other health conditions causing vertigo, falls, dizziness, imbalance, decreased mobility levels and lack of drive to exercise.

If you suffer from any of these conditions, we can help you achieve confidence with your balance abilities, reduce  fear of falling, get stronger and become active so you can participate and engage in meaningful ways in certain activities you enjoy. 

At Congruence Physical Therapy & Wellness
TM, we’ve designed a number of ways to accommodate people at different physical ability levels.


If you need motivation, coaching and the drive to take action, we will get you there with our 1:1 personal wellness sessions, or if you just want to keep active and challenged, we have group classes for you.


Schedule a free baseline screening with us to have a professional perspective and then pick and choose what you like and what best fits your needs.

Congruence Physical Therapy & WellnessTM is a specialized premium cash-based practice that operates out-of-network and not affiliated with insurance companies.

Our Classes

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