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We help older adults stay active, sustain confidence in their balance abilities and feel steady on their feet. 

We can assist you to recover from dizziness, vertigo and imbalance so you can bounce back to doing things you enjoy without fear of motion.

Four Pillars for Your Success:

  • Motivation

  • Neuroplasticity

  • Support

  • Results

Serving Milpitas CA, San Jose CA and surrounding communities.
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Parkinson's Disease

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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Yoga Class for all Ages




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Dr. Rupali Vyas, Physical Therapist


Rupali earned her Bachelor's Degree in Physical Therapy from Mumbai, India in 2002 and later pursued post professional Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from MGH Institute of Health Sciences, Boston.


She has been practicing as a Physical therapist in Bay Area, California since 2011 and prior to that has worked in Mumbai, Pennsylvania and New York. After working for several years with diverse neurologic conditions, she decided to set her focus on Vestibular(Inner ear) disorders, Parkinson's disease and Neuro-Wellness .


She understands that multiple variables contribute towards imbalance, immobility or dizziness . Her approach is to identify these factors and help each individual regain their abilities. Her style of working is to spotlight on the individual's personality, learning style, stage of life and needs to help them drive towards a purposeful change in their lives.

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